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Biomolecular Electronics the electrical control of biological phenomena is a scientific challenge that, once fully realized, will find a wide range of applications from electronics and computing to medicine and therapeutic techniques. This new arena of biomolecular electronics is approached using familiar concepts from many areas such as electrochemistry, device electronics andsome mechanisms of gene expression level control. Practical techniques are explored by which electrical and electronic means can be used to control biological reactions and processes. Also, the current and future applications for this new and expanding field are discussed. This book is aimed at scientists and engineers involved in both research and commercial applications across fields including bioelectronics, bionanotechnology, electrochemistry and nanomedicine providing a state-of-the-art survey of what's going on at the boundary between biology and electronic technology at the micro- and nano- scales, along with a suggestive insight into future possible developments. Demystifies the science and applications of electrically-driven biological reactions.Explains how the techniques of bioelectronics and electrochemistry can be deployed as biological control technologies.Provides applications information for diverse areas frombio-electrochemistry to electrical control of gene expression levels."
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