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"The Wittgenstein Dictionary "is a guide to the world of Ludwig Wittgenstein, whose philosophy is notoriously difficult to grasp. Meticulously researched and extensively cross-referenced, this unique book covers all his major works, ideas and influences and provides a firm grounding in the central themes of Wittgenstein's thought. A-Z entries include clear definitions of all the key terms used in Wittgenstein's writings and detailed synopses of his key works. The Dictionary also includes entries on Wittgenstein's major philosophical influences, including Augustine, Kierkegaard and Frege, and his contemporaries, such as Russell, Moore, Ramsey and Keynes. It covers everything that is essential to a sound understanding of Wittgenstein's work in logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language, offering clear explanations of often complex terminology and notation. "The Wittgenstein Dictionary "is the ideal resource for anyone reading or studying Wittgenstein's thought, featuring a wealth of useful information, analysis and criticism.
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