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The aim of this handbook is to provide a comprehensive summary of the field of Particle Science and Technology which includes most updated research findings and their applications in different industries. It is hoped that the consolidated knowledge described by this handbook will inspire more innovative ideas to bring the field forward. The size of the particles may range from nanometer scale, as in pigments or aerosols, to that of mined or quarried materials. The handbook will cover the topics ranging from the formation and synthesis, packing and flow, and application of these particles. Each part is explored in great details in different sections and chapters, it is written by a pool of international well known scholars, as well as industrial experts. The handbook fully reflects the state of the art in Particle Science and Technology
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  • Springer; Edição: 1st ed. 2018 Publisher:
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  • 15,5 x 23,6 cm Dimensões e tamanhos:
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