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The proposed book deals with all the important topics relevant to the growing field of electroceramics. It is not intended nor desired to be a replacement for solid state physics or electronic materials books. Based on a special topic course on "Electroceramics and Its Applications", this is the first book to expound the subject and will be an invaluable academic textbook. It endeavors to immerse future generations of engineers and scientists in the subject matter and its scope for applications, leading to possible new innovations. The book is introductory and not exhaustive in nature, but rather provides sufficient background in theory and mathematics to gain an insight into the nonlinear and other phenomena that are unique to electroceramics. Emphasis is placed on devices and applications. Each chapter has its own brief introduction with an explanation of how the said content impacts technology.  Multiple examples are provided in each chapter to reinforce the content.  5-10 problems are included at the end of each chapter for students to solve and learn.
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