Fred Forgets baixar o livro de graça

de Publisher HarperCollins Dimensões e tamanhos 25,4 x 0,6 x 25,4 cm
Fred is very forgetful. It s a good thing his friend Monkey is around to help him remember what he was about to do. But wait Fred wasn t going to ride a unicycle upside down, and he definitely wasn t going to wrestle a rhino. . . . Will Fred remember what he was doing before he peels one million bananas for Monkey?From the creator of Lazy Dave comes a humorous story about a forgetful elephant who may not be as forgetful as he seems!"
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  • 0062349163 Isbn 10:
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  • 649 g Peso:
  • 25,4 x 0,6 x 25,4 cm Dimensões e tamanhos:
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