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Philosophy of Science: An Introduction to Contemporary Problems provides an up-to-date and engaging introduction to all the major concepts, issues and debates. Ideal for use on undergraduate courses, but also of lasting value for advanced students, the structure and content of this textbook closely reflect the way philosophy of science is studied and taught. Focusing on key problems in philosophy of science, Emma Tobin introduces a range of topics set against a general distinction between epistemological and metaphysical issues. Historical concerns about scientific method and progress are used to introduce the epistemological problems, while the metaphysical issues are introduced against the backdrop of the realism and anti-realism debate. Contemporary discussion of scientific explanation, rationality and probability, laws of nature, natural kinds and causation are also included and examples are taken from the full range of scientific disciplines. Tobin's thorough analysis is supplemented by student-friendly features, including chapter summaries, case studies, study questions and further reading.
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