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This book provides a wide-ranging introduction to the history of the Ottoman Empire from its origins in the late twelfth century to its demise in the early twentieth. The author tells the story of Ottoman history interspersing the broad narrative with thematically-organised sections devoted to highlighting various aspects of Ottoman social, cultural and daily life. A central theme of the book is the extent to which Ottoman history needs to be seen in a regional, if not global, context. Since its emergence as a fledgling principality expanding at the expense of the Byzantine Empire and a number of Turkic principalities, the Ottoman state was inseparable from the larger historical trends – in Europe, the Middle East, and the wider world. Challenging the trend towards isolationist and inward-looking views of Ottoman history, the author demonstrates that whether influencing the world beyond or being affected by it, the Ottoman relationship with the world beyond its borders is crucial to understanding the broad sweep of the empire's story. The imprint of foreign societies upon the Ottomans was unavoidable, ranging from external concerns such as the sudden re-emergence of the Turco-Mongol threat in the form of Timur/Tamerlane, to the rise of the mercantilist state of Western Europe, the steady expansion of the Russian Empire, the growth of nineteenth- and twentieth-century nationalism, and the advent of European imperialism personified by gunboat captains, diplomats, and missionaries.The book will provide a welcome reassessment of the inner workings and the flavour of Ottoman society over the course of its history and a timely reappraisal of the role the Ottomans played in wider regional and global affairs. Suggested Chapter Structure:The Pre-Ottoman contextThe emergence of the Ottomans to 1453: successes and failuresConsolidation and the ‘Classical Age': the development of world-imperial styleChange and Adaptation in the C17 and C18Challenge and Response in the C19 and early C20Disintegration and Aftermath
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